What Is Sedation Dentistry?

Dental phobia can keep you from getting the dental work you need or even make you feel reluctant to schedule checkups. The phobia is particularly common, affecting nine to 15 percent of us, according to The Cleveland Clinic. Fortunately, sedation dentistry, a service offered by your Elkhart, IN, family dentist, Dr. Gavin Schill of Christiana Creek Dental Care, can help ease your fears and make visits much more comfortable.

Who can benefit from sedation dentistry?

Sedation is a good choice for anyone who is fearful, anxious, or stressed about dental visits. Before or during treatment, you'll take or receive medication that makes you feel calm and relaxed. While you're sedated you'll also find that the sights and sounds of the dental office won't trigger your anxiety.

What options are available?

Your dentist can recommend several sedation choices. If you find it difficult to even leave the safety of your car, an oral sedative can be a good option. You'll take the pill an hour or two before your appointment in order to allow ample time for the medication to take effect. Since oral sedatives may affect your reaction time, you'll need to ask a friend or family member for a ride home from the Elkhart dental office.

Inhaled conscious sedation, also called laughing gas, is another option. During your checkup or treatment, you'll wear a small mask over your nose. The mask delivers a constant supply of nitrous oxide, a gas that not only makes you feel calmer but also reduces pain. The effects of nitrous oxide end as soon as the dentist removes the mask, which means you'll be able to drive home.

If you choose, intravenous (IV) conscious sedation, an IV line will be placed in your arm. Although you'll be awake during your visit, you probably will only have a hazy memory of it. You'll need a ride home from your appointment if you choose this method, as the medication's effects can linger for a few hours.

Could you benefit from sedation dentistry? Call your family dentist in Elkhart, IN, Dr. Schill of Christiana Creek Dental Care, at (574) 262-4378 to schedule your appointment.

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