Conscious Sedation Dentistry

Due to the reluctance that many dental patients have about getting treatment, dentists offer a variety of sedatives. There’s an option between laughing gas and sleep sedation called conscious sedation dentistry. It’s a way to relax and minimize your discomfort while your teeth are being worked on. You can stay awake the whole time, though you may not be fully aware of what’s happening. It’s an optimal choice for patients who have moderate dental anxiety that is preventing them from seeking preventive or restorative help from a dentist. Dr. Gavin Schill at Christiana Creek Dental Care in Elkhart, IN, offers conscious sedation dentistry.

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Why Many Patients Don’t Get Dental Treatment
The American Dental Association estimated that as many as a third of American adults may have some form of dental anxiety. It could be that they are nervous about hearing the sound of dental tools, they have “white coat” syndrome, or they worry about feeling pain in a certain area of the mouth. This anxiety has a direct effect on why many people don’t visit the dentist at least twice per year for checkups, and it may be why over 31 percent of American adults ages 20-44 have untreated dental caries according to CDC statistics.

What Is Conscious Sedation Dentistry?
Some patients want to limit their ability to experience what happens while they’re at their dentist’s office, but they don’t feel comfortable with going completely to sleep during the procedure. In this case, conscious sedation dentistry could be the ideal compromise. There are two choices: oral (the sedative is taken in pill form before the visit) and IV sedation (an injection is made into the bloodstream). In both cases, you’ll be awake but mostly unaware of what’s happening.

Should You Choose This Type of Sedation?
If any of the following apply to your case, talk to your Elkhart, IN, dentist about receiving conscious sedation before your procedure:

  • You have moderate to severe dental anxiety that has caused you to avoid dental treatment for months or years.
  • You need a dental treatment that will involve a procedure such as a root canal, dental implant, or periodontal surgery
  • You have a trusted companion who can accompany you to the appointment and transport you home.

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