Restore Your Smile in One Visit

It's easy to become discouraged when we are faced with a number of smile imperfections every morning when we look in the mirror. You begin to wonder how many treatments may be required to fix them, and how long it is going to take until you have that smile you've always dreamed of.

Dental veneers have become a very popular way of completely transforming your smile with a single treatment. Thanks to the technology available at your Elkhart, IN, office, you may be able to enjoy a brand new smile in one day. To learn more reach out to Dr. Gavin Schill of Christiana Creek Dental Care.

Benefits of Dental Veneers

Because of their nature, veneers can radically transform your smile by correcting a number of common dental concerns typically with just one treatment.

You may turn to veneers if you have problems with spacing in your smile, such as slight gaps. They can also correct teeth that are somehow misshapen, either due to wear or trauma, and small cracks or chips on your teeth.

They are also an excellent solution if you have teeth that will not respond to professional teeth whitening, such as teeth that have been injured or are discolored due to medication.

More severe conditions do require alternative treatments, so it's very important that you consult with your dentist to see if veneers are right for you. Your teeth should also be otherwise healthy, so your dentist will typically treat any issues related to decay or gum disease before proceeding with veneers.

Same-Day Veneers in Elkhart, IN

Dental veneers are attached to your teeth in a similar way to crowns. But because they are made of thin yet very durable material they do not require as much of your teeth to be reshaped as would a crown. Allowing for faster treatment. A tiny portion of the enamel is removed to make sure the veneers fit perfectly on the surface.

What is special about your local dental provider is the CEREC system that allows your dentist to create the veneers on the same day via digital imaging. To find out exactly how it works schedule an appointment today with Dr. Schill of Christiana Creek Dental Care in Elkhart, IN, by dialing (574) 262-4378.

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