Don’t Wait To Replace Missing Teeth

Receiving proper dental care is very important for anyone. While most people know that they should brush and floss and see a dentist regularly, there could still come a time in which a tooth can be damaged or infected and needs to be pulled. Fortunately, there are replacement teeth options including dentures, an implant, and other options. When receiving a dental implant in the Elkhart, IN, area, residents can benefit as it can help you avoid challenges that can come with missing teeth. Dr. Gavin Schill with Christiana Creek Dental Care can help with any of your dental care needs. There are several reasons why you shouldn’t wait to replace your teeth.

Missing Teeth Cause Drifting

One of the reasons why you should never wait to have your teeth replaced is that it can start to cause drifting of your other teeth. The teeth in your mouth are in a delicate balance and losing one can start to impact all the others as well. You may slowly notice that your additional teeth are either growing closer together or further apart. This can either cause large gaps in your teeth or cause them to be too tight. This impact can affect your appearance and make it harder to properly care for your teeth. When receiving a dental implant in Elkhart, IN, residents will have a reduced risk of this happening in the future. 

Chance of Infection

You should also always replace your missing teeth on time to reduce the chance that an infection could develop. The loss of a tooth can lead to an increase in the number of bacteria in your mouth. It will also leave a hole in your gums where the root of the tooth used to be. While this will close up on its own eventually, it does increase the chances of infection. If this occurs, it could cause a significant amount of pain and lead to additional dental challenges as well.

Loss of Jawbone and Gums

You should also have your teeth replaced on time so you can protect your jawbone and gums. The jawbone and gums in your mouth can actually start to shrink when they are no longer working to protect your missing tooth. This can then cause challenges as it will make it harder for the jaws and gums to support the rest of your teeth. The gum and jaw recession could eventually require you to have even more teeth replaced in the future.

When needing a dental implant in Elkhart, IN, residents should never wait too long to receive the service. The team with Christiana Creek Dental Care can provide you with all the dental care that you need to ensure your teeth are properly cared for. This can include helping you find the best tooth-replacement option, such as a dental implant, for your situation. Call the team today at 574-262-4378 to schedule an appointment to meet with Dr. Gavin Schill and learn more about the services they can provide.

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