The Benefits Of Same-Day Crowns

CEREC technology is changing the game for getting dental crowns in one day at our Elkhart, IN, practice. 

When you’re dealing with a weak or damaged tooth the last thing you want to do is put off treatment; however, we also know that life is busy and that you need to be as efficient with your time as possible. The good news is that our Elkhart, IN, dentist Dr. Gavin Schill can help you get dental crowns the very same day. No more running back and forth to our office, Christiana Creek Dental Care, to get the dental care you need.

Get Crowns in a Single Visit 

We love nothing more than getting to see our patients, but we also know that coming in for multiple visits just isn’t efficient. Instead of turning to an outside dental lab, we can now create crowns on the very same day in our Elkhart, IN, office. Now you don’t have to wait weeks for a lab to create your crown; we can create and place your crown in just one visit.

No More Temporary Crowns

Anyone who has dealt with temporary crowns knows that they can be flimsy, bulky, awkwardly shaped, and altogether not ideal. Of course, they are also supposed to cover teeth for several weeks until a dental lab creates your crown. Luckily, since we can create and permanently place your crown the very same day you won’t ever need a temporary crown.

Messy Impressions Are a Thing of the Past 

Many dental restorations require impressions to be taken so that a lab knows the exact measurements of your mouth and teeth. Fortunately, CEREC technology is so advanced that we no longer have to use that gooey putty for impressions. Instead, we can easily snap photos of your teeth with a special digital device that will take precise, mess-free measurements of your teeth.

Looks Like the Real Thing 

While traditional crowns can be made from different materials including amalgam, here at our practice we pride ourselves on providing our patients with same-day crowns made from ceramic and porcelain, both of which mimic the look of real tooth enamel. This means that we will give you a restoration that blends right in with your smile and looks just like the real thing.

Our Elkhart, IN, family dentist would be happy to sit down with you to discuss whether same-day crowns are right for you. Get the restorative dentistry you need from a dental team you trust. Call Christiana Creek Dental Care at (574) 262-4378 to learn more.

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